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In the second leg match of the UEFA Europa League 3rd Qualifying Round, Galatasaray will play the Scottish representative St. He will face off against Johnstone. Before the fight, Galatasaray Technical Director Fatih Terim made statements at the press conference. Saying that İsmail Çipe will play in the goal in the absence of Fernando Muslera, who has been suspended from a red card, Terim explained that it is a technical decision to have Colombian football player Radamel Falcao, who is not in the squad. Johnstone’s experienced coach said that the game he played in the first match did not surprise him, “Because it is a contact team. I said this before the match. I also told how the match would go. It was like that until there were 10 players left. The red card at the beginning of the second half obviously changed the way of play. Before the match. I also saw that I was not mistaken in my thoughts. They are a team that struggles a lot, plays the contact game very well and does not accept anything. Frankly, I don’t think it will be any different here. It’s a disadvantage for us that we lost our goalkeeper and captain at the beginning of the second half and we remained 10 people in such games. The key to such matches is the first It’s 10-15 minutes. We caught a clear position within these minutes. If we had used it, we could have come here in a different way.” We went to the . They put up flags. They will also play full. We alone cannot play full. I hope we can play one day. We do not have things that will be in our favor. Our opponents will play full for the first time. I watched the league matches, it was not full. But now it’s full. The atmosphere is sure to be very lively and lively. We played many matches in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. We know that he will be an ardent supporter and will always support the team. We are used to that too. So I wish you a nice day. They never frighten us. These are good things for football. I hope the beauties in the stands will be reflected on the field,” replied Terim, referring to the unusual weather in Scotland, “The most important change is the change. There is about 20 degrees difference. As you can see, I’m the coat. It is raining and we arrived at 36-37-38-39-40 degrees. There is something extraordinary that can surprise a person. Such changes take the body by surprise. It won’t be easy. It’s so hot that we’re used to it, we’re pretty cold here. I hope the extraordinary climate will not affect us too much,” he concluded.

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